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As many (but not all) of you know, three of my four children are on the spectrum, all diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. A couple of weeks ago, I found a revolutionary test to help them based on their genetics. Book here to see if it could help your child too.

My son was the first diagnosed, at age 10. As I learnt more about the condition, particularly about girls with Aspergers, I realised that I was reading about my eldest daughter. When she was 17 she chose to be formally diagnosed. She said she felt relieved to know that she ‘wasn’t broken’, but that there was an explanation for why she felt different to other people. My youngest daughter was also diagnosed, at age 11. She’s now 14, my son is 17, and my eldest daughter is 23.

My ‘other’ daughter, the one who isn’t on the spectrum, has coeliac disease. She’s now 22.  For many years I wondered if there might be a connection between the gut and the brain, and as I trained in nutrition, I discovered that was most definitely the case.

My children have been my unknowing guinea pigs for many years now! I’ve experimented on them with diet, supplements and lifestyle choices to see what might change in their behaviour.  What I found amazed me…

I learnt that autistic children do well on a gluten free diet. This made a difference. I gave my kids zinc for a long time, to overcome their fussy eating and help them digest their food better. This made a huge difference.

While I was learning so much both at university and from my children’s improvements, I wished I had a road map to guide me so I knew if what I was doing was right or not.

As I said, a couple of weeks ago, I did some training in genetics. Specifically, looking at how your genes affect your health. Did you know that the food you eat can turn genes on or off? And the type of exercise you do can do the same? (It’s true, not all of us are designed for cardio workouts at the gym!). So, while your genes are your genes and they are the gifts your parents gave you, by making specific choices that turn them on and off, you can change some of your genetic makeup.

We can use this information to reduce your risk of chronic disease, obesity, heart attack, and dementia, to name a few.

What does this all have to do with autism? 

Fitgenes, the company who does the genetic testing, has been running a research study on autism. Specifically they have found that children with autism have genetic variations that increases inflammation in their brains, and make them less able to detox all the chemicals that we are exposed to with our modern lifestyle. They’ve also found that EVERY child in the study had a variation in their ability to use vitamin D. Now, vitamin D is not just about strong bones. It’s so much more than that, and it’s significant in preventing inflammation, protecting the brain cells, and helping your body to detox. Even more than that, vitamin D regulates your genes. So, if you don’t have enough, more of those faulty genes that we don’t want, are turned on.

Autism appears to be a complex interplay between inflammation, inability to detox well, inability to use nutrients from food well, and vitamin D deficiency. There is likely to be even more than that involved, and as the research continues we may understand more.

For now, understanding what your child’s individual genes are, and how you can turn on the good genes and reduce the impact of the ‘not-so-good’ genes, can make all the difference for your child’s future.

A Perth practitioner who is using this exact system to discover a child’s individual genes and using strategies designed just for that child, is currently experiencing an 80% improvement in autism symptoms in the children she is treating, over a 3 month period. This is behaviour, sleep, eye contact, speech, ability to learn, and toileting. I’m not suggesting this is a cure. What it is, is a lifeline for parents and children lost in the maze of what to do. It’s that road map that I wish I had when my children were younger.

So how does it work? 

The genetic test is a simple cheek swab. It’s completely painless. I analyse each child’s individual genetic report to formulate a treatment plan. We start with what your child needs most, and work our way through all their needs over 4 months. This is truly the future of medicine – individualised treatment and preventative care. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel that shows us why this child is affected and not the next.

It’s your child’s future. 

Over 4 months, we’ll consult together 6 times (either in clinic or by phone or Skype). At each session we’ll evaluate the progress and I’ll explain the next steps for you. You’ll have everything in writing, from the genetic report to the treatment plan and explanations for you. You’ll also get access to my members only website where you have hundreds of recipes available to suit your child’s genetic makeup. I know that children with autism are fussy eaters, so I’ll work with you to make that easier.

Your investment in this program and your child’s future consists of four easy monthly payments of $434 each. If you choose to pay upfront for the full program, you’ll receive a 10% discount (173.60) on the total package. I may prescribe some supplements for your child, depending on their genes and their needs, and these are supplied at an extra fee payable at the time of prescription.

I’d love to be that person who helps you change your child’s future. I know only too well how autism affects an entire family, not just the child. I understand your frustrations and your fears for your child’s future. This program is not for everyone. I get that. But if it resonates with you, here’s how you can get started.

If you’re coming in to the clinic, book your appointment online here or give me a call on 0407 049 332. If you’re booking online, choose the Fitgenes Health and Wellbeing Genetic Profile. If you don’t live near the clinic and prefer to do your consultation by phone or Skype, call me for an appointment time and I’ll mail the test kit to you. If you have questions about the program, call or email me at kylie@foodmoodandmore.com

Please share this message with your family and friends.

The more children’s lives we improve now, the better their future possibilities.