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Do you spend your entire day sucking in your bloated belly just to fit into your clothes?

Ditch your Spanx and fit back into your skinny jeans in just one week with
'Beat Belly Bloat in Just 7 Days'

This is the fastest way to finally Beat Belly Bloat and wear whatever you want,
Without buying bigger clothes, giving up food, sucking in your belly all day, or feeling like a puffer fish ready to inject poison into anyone who dares comment...

Even if you've given up any hope of ever seeing your knees again without a mirror...
So that you can feel confident and sexy in those skinny jeans, 
And never worry about gas again unless you're cooking with it!

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  • Do you unwillingly fall pregnant with a food baby every time you eat?
  • Is the pain of your tight, uncomfortable belly so bad that you have to let out your pants and allow it all to spill out, hoping no-one notices?
  • Are you frustrated with wearing Spanx because they make you feel like you can't breathe by adding to the tightness you're already feeling? 
  • Are you overwhelmed with all the suggestions to beat bloating and don't know where or how to start? 
  • Are you trapped inside this rapidly expanding balloon belly and have no idea how to get out? 
  • Does your condescending doctor look down on you as if it's all in your head (but happily charges his appointment fee anyway)?

Not any more! 

With Beat Belly Bloat, and me - your belly bloat fairy 'gut'mother,
you can ditch those Spanx and fit into your skinny jeans again in just one week! 

So, flat belly wannabe, birth that food baby and bust that belly bloat now! ​

Hi! I'm Kylie. Think of me as your belly bloat fairy godmother, ready to swoop in and wave my magic wand to whisk away your problems in a flash - poof! 

I know how you feel... for years I suffered with belly bloating. I'd wake up in the morning, distraught that I was already producing internal helium for my belly balloon, and by the end of the day, if I didn't feel so weighed down and heavy in my gut I'm sure I'd have floated away! 

After I ate, my belly would grumble, groan and growl so loudly that it could be heard across the room. I was squirming in my seat to try to disguise the noise but it was hopeless.... 

I was hesitant to ask for help because it seems like such a silly little thing to complain about... but no-one else was living in my body or with my pain. 

I was so frustrated, and everything I ate seemed to inflate my belly more.​

It's taken me nearly 6 years to figure this out, 6 years of anxiety about going out, 6 years and tens of thousands of dollars to train as a nutritionist, and almost every pill and diet under the sun, to figure out the best way to beat this wretched belly bloating. I've been my own guinea pig and my own worst enemy along the way. But, finally I figured it out!

I developed this program so you don't have to suffer any longer. You too can beat your belly bloating - not in 6 years, but in just 7 days! ​

Imagine what your blissfully bloat-free life could look like if you could
finally beat your belly bloating...

  • No more tight feelings in your belly like you're about to explode faster than a Mentos in a Coke bottle (Google it, you'll see). 
  • No more letting your pants out after you eat, or even while you're eating. You get to choose your clothes based on what you WANT to wear and what looks great on your new, flat belly, instead of needing to pick something that will allow for your rapid belly expansion. And Spanx? Be gone!!
  • You'll no longer feel like banging your head against a wall with frustration over this belly bloat. Knowing what causes it and how to deal with it = being in control again. 
  • Your belly will no longer make noises like there's a screaming banshee trapped in there desperate to escape.
  • Save your dignity by shutting down that 'direct route gas pipeline' that starts in your belly and ends with dangerous and potentially deadly mini-explosions that you can't control or restrain.
  • You can eat out without blowing out!

This is now my life. Do you want it to be yours too? 

Don't just take my  word for it.
Here is what other people have to say about finally getting a flat belly...

Tabitha 47yo mother of 3

Only 3 days into the program and my belly is flatter than it has been in years. I'm not hungry, I know what I can safely eat, and I don't have that constant uncomfortable tightness in my stomach. I'm sold!

John 64yo business executive

I've been bloated for years. I wore suspenders to hold my pants up because I always had to wear a larger size so I had room for my expanding belly. Now, I can wear my actual size in jeans and I've thrown those suspenders in the trash! ​

Dee 26yo advertising consultant

​I hated going out for dinner with friends. I'd starve myself all day so I actually looked decent in my clothes, then I'd have my meal and before I left the restaurant, I'd already look 6 months pregnant. 
Now, I don't need to starve myself, and I can enjoy my night out with friends without worrying about what I'll look like by the end of the night. 

Get 'Beat Belly Bloat in Just 7 Days' Now

Only $67​ 

Here is what you will get from the Beat Belly Bloating in Just 7 Days Program:

  • Understand the basics of bloating 
  • Know what you can eat to your heart's content
  • Know what foods to avoid like the plague!
  • Discover supplements that prevent bloating
  • Try the bloat beating yoga pose 
  • Find out what else you can do to bust that bloating for good
  • Discover if you have type 1 or type 2 bloating
  • Know the differences and how to recover from each type of bloating
  • Get specific tips to avoid bloating
  • Learn your bloating boo-boo's
  • Avoid these little habits you have that make your bloating worse
  • (Pssst: I bet you do one of these every day!)

Get your instant download today and snag these
special bloat busting bonuses! 

7 Days To Beat Belly Bloat Meal Plan

Totally done for you - the whole meal plan for 7 days of beat bloat breakfasts, lunches, dinners, & desserts.
You don't need to wonder what to eat... it's all here for you!

bloating recipe

7 Days To Beat Belly Bloat Recipe Book

7 days of beat bloat breakfasts, lunches, dinners, & even desserts!
This 33 page recipe book is ONLY available as part of this package - you won't get it anywhere else. 

bloating recipe

Can't I solve bloating all by myself? 

Yep, sure you can. You can sit at your computer with your tight bloated belly and spend hours researching the causes and cures for yourself

You can try out an elimination diet, which removes the likely food culprits, then slowly add them back in one by one to figure out what's causing your bloating. This can take weeks. 

You can go see your doctor, who is likely has no answers for you anyway, and will  just tell you that you have IBS and you need to live with it... 

Or, you can jump into 'Beat Belly Bloat in Just 7 Days', take advantage of all my research time,
and get relief in just 7 days! 

Don't Miss This!

Extra Bonus for the First 10 Flat Bellies!

Belly Bloating First Aid Kit

Got a hot date TONIGHT?
Wanna fit into that little black dress or those sexy jeans?

If you're already bloated and you need some fast relief, be one of the first 10 buyers to grab this extra special bonus guide.

You'll get all the tips and tricks to deflate your bloated belly FAST! 

Get 'Beat Belly Bloat in Just 7 Days' Now

Only $67​


Q. What do I actually get with the program? 
A. You get access to the Beat Belly Bloat members website, with 3 dedicated lessons for you to learn all about how to beat belly bloating. You'll know exactly how to flatten that belly, deflate the bloat, and keep it that way. 

Q. How long do I have access to the program?
A. You have lifetime access to the program, so you won't have to worry about your bloating ever again!

Q. Will there be updates to the program? Do I have to pay extra for those?
A. You will always receive updates to the program at no extra charge. 

Q. Do I get the bonuses?
A. The ​special price of $47 is only available for a limited time. After that, the price goes back to normal at $67. 
The first 10 buyers ONLY will get the 'Belly Bloating First Aid Kit' - a bonus that gives you all the solutions to getting your bloating under control.... FAST. 

Q. Is this program really worth it?
A. One visit to your doctor is going to cost you more than this program, and he's likely to just give you some generic advice or tell you to live with it. This program will solve your bloating for just a one time investment. ​

Q. Is this for men too? 
A. Sure it is. Women seem to suffer more from bloating than men do, but this program covers you guys too!  ​

Get 'Beat Belly Bloat in Just 7 Days' Now

Only $67

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