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Day 12 was quite ok. Nothing really to report, I had fish for dinner and… that’s that.

Day 13 wasn’t so great. I struggled with the drink at breakfast, and actually felt somewhat nauseous for the entire day. This is the first time it’s happened, and I hope it doesn’t recur.

Tomorrow is ‘officially’ the last day of the diet, except that I need to do my breath test the following day and wait two more days for the result. I am, seriously, over it. I’m quite confident it’s been successful, as I have zero symptoms. I thought the drink would get easier to tolerate over time but it really hasn’t. However, I’ve come through 13 days and I only have 3 and a half days left.

I”m still trying to figure out which diet to progress to after the clear breath test. I’m debating sticking to phase 2 of the biphasic diet for the next two weeks or so, to reduce that risk of relapse in that time. But after that… the choices are a low FODMAP diet, SCD (specific carbohydrate diet), or, possibly, the Fast Track Diet. I’m just learning about this last one, and it could prove interesting. It’s essentially a low FODMAP diet at it’s core, but it’s done by calculating the FP (fermentation potential) of the foods you eat, and the idea is that you keep the FP for the day below a certain limit in order to avoid symptoms. There are many good reviews… It’s worth a closer look.

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