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Day 14. The day that almost wasn’t.

Breakfast was…. well it almost wasn’t.

I made the drink, I had my glass of water to chase with, I had my bowl with a tablespoon of honey, all lined up on the bench ready to go. I stood in front of them and was virtually, or actually, dry retching at the thought of having to swallow it. The power of the mind huh…

You can do it, I told myself. I got the first half of the drink down ok. A little later, I attempted the second half. Ah… no. That wasn’t happening. Gagging from the first taste. I tried again. Nope. I tried a third time. Nope. Sigh. Resigning myself to the fact that I’ve only had half so I’m going to be hungry and going to need to make more at lunchtime.

So, I made a half serve at lunchtime aaaaannnnddd…. just got it down. It’s a real struggle. I feel like I breezed through the middle days and now it’s harder than it was even at the beginning.

Tomorrow is my breath test, which takes 3 hours, so nothing until after then. If I can get through one glass at that stage, I’ll be good for the rest of the day. Then, I’m so close. So close. I hope I can do it!

I could, of course, stop now, after today. 14 days is the treatment plan. But, for some people, if the test is almost there but not quite, those few extra days make all the difference. I don’t want to give up a day early only to find my test is almost but not quite. I’d be so disappointed in myself. So… one day at a time. Nearly there.

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