Want to lose fat fast?

Without feeling hungry...
Or counting anything...

Even if you've tried all the other diets,
and especially if you think nothing can help and you've given up!

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  • Do you hate having your photo taken? 
  • Is that you, hiding away there in the corner while the family photos are happening? 
  • Shop windows are the same, aren't they? You catch a glimpse of someone and suddenly realise it's you. 
  • Wouldn't you love to be confident and out there with everyone else, smiling for the camera?

This could be you!

I can show you how you can finally lose that weight, without feeling hungry, without counting anything, even if you've tried many other diets before. Keep reading to see how this way of eating (and coaching program) works.

Hi! I'm Kylie. Think of me as your fast fat loss fairy godmother, ready to swoop in and wave my magic wand to whisk away your problems (and your extra weight) in a flash - poof! 

My Fast Fat Loss Formula program shows you how you can lose weight right from day 1, without starving yourself. You get to eat delicious food. In fact, you can even eat bacon! 

I developed this program so you don't have to try to figure it out any longer. You too can lose fat fast... try it today!

Is this you? 

  • Have you noticed that you're gaining a little extra weight with each year that passes?
  • Are you having trouble fitting into your favorite clothes?
  • Do you feel like people judge you for your weight and not who you are?
  • Is your health declining, and you secretly know that part of the reason is your weight?
  • Do you want to enjoy Summer, and be comfortable getting out in a swimsuit?
  • Have you tried other diets and been disappointed? 
  • Would you like to lose weight and not feel hungry or suffer through cravings?
  • Would you like to lose weight faster than you thought possible? 

Come on, girlfriend, jump right in!

Don't just take my  word for it.
Here is what other people have to say about this program...

Jane55yo store assistant

My skin has improved in color and feel. My aches and pains have gone, and the muscle tightness I've always had has disappeared. Combine this with the weight loss I've experienced and I'm a believer!

Ms L.22yo

I wish I'd started sooner. This has become a way of life for me. My hair is growing thicker and longer than ever before. I sleep better and I have so much energy. Best of all, I'm currently down 32kg (70lb) and I just can't believe it!
A friend didn't even recognise me when I walked in the room last week. 

The Fast Fat Loss Formula is currently closed


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Here's exactly what's inside the
Fast Fat Loss Formula Program

  • Lifetime access to 7 modules of videos, audios, PDF's and bonus worksheets to guide you through the program
  • Live Q&A videos with me to guide you through the program
  • Lifetime access to the private Facebook group for support and motivation
  • Everything you need to know to prepare for the program so you achieve the best success possible
  • 6 full weeks of meal plans done-for-you that you can either follow as they are, or adapt to suit your family's tastes and preferences
  • 3 months access to my exclusive member's website with hundreds of recipes to choose from (online or printable), and EVERY SINGLE RECIPE is perfect for this plan! You can eat anything!
  • Shopping lists that update with your meal plan so you know exactly what you need

Check out the recipes and meal plans

Week by Week in the Fast Fat Loss Formula Program

Week 1: Prep Week

Preparation is the key to success, and this week is so important to set up everything you need. We'll go through your meal plans, recipes, & shopping lists so you have everything you need to be organised.

Week 2: All About the Food

Let's get started! Try out your new meal plans and enjoy the process. Explore the hundreds of recipes ready for you.
Learn how to beat cravings before they start!

Week 3: Move That Body!

Learn all about why the exercise you've been doing is not helping, and what type of exercise is best to speed up fat loss.

Week 4: Stress

Stress holds back your weight loss in so many ways. Learn tips and tricks to overcome stress and boost fat loss!

Week 5: Celebrations

How to enjoy time out celebrating without letting food become a trigger for you
What to eat when you're out and about

Week 6: Hidden Blocks

What else could be holding you back? A look into hormones, relationships, gut issues and food intolerances, and detox

Week 7: Maintaining

Maintaining both your weight loss and your wellness is paramount. Let's keep you on track! 

The Program

You get everything you need to be successful so you'll lose weight and never find it again!

But Wait! Do you want more?

Would you like to have personal contact and guidance with me throughout your first 8 weeks on the program?

You can with the Fast Fat Loss Formula GOLD Program!

With my personalised GOLD program, you get a live webinar with me every fortnight (webinars will be recorded if you can't attend).

We'll get together before you start, to decide your exact goals and how we will get you there.

We'll then meet every 2 weeks for 8 weeks, to check in with your progress, I'll adjust the program for you, give you special hints and tips just for you, and motivate you!

You can ask me anything you want, tell me how awesome I am, or whinge and complain about your partner as much as you want... anything you need to discuss that will get you to where you want to be is open for chatting about. This is YOUR program and you can create it with what YOU need.

At the end of our 8 weeks, we'll plan your next steps to achieve your goals.

You'll get everything in the online program, PLUS:

  • A full 6 months access to the recipes, meal plans and shopping lists​
  • 5 personalised live webinars with me to personalise your plan
  • Suggested 'extra' tips, tricks, and supplements to help you on your way
  • Unlimited email support throughout the 8 weeks 
  • If you want personalised help to get the most out of your program, this is for you!
  • Choose the Fast Fat Loss Formula GOLD Program now! ​Limited to only 20 places - secure your place quickly!

The next 'Fast Fat Loss Formula' program opens soon 


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Q. What do I actually get with the program? 
A. You get access to the Fast Fat Loss Formula members website, with 7 dedicated modules containing everything you need to know about losing fat fast. You also get access to my members recipe site for 3 months (6 months on the GOLD program) where all your recipes and meal plans are done for you.
You have the option to continue with this after that time for only $19/month.

Q. How long do I have access to the program?
A. You have lifetime access to the program, so you can come back to it anytime you want!
See the previous question for access to the recipe/meal plan members site. 

Q. Will there be updates to the program? Do I have to pay extra for those?
A. You will always receive updates to the program at no extra charge. 

Q. Do I get the bonuses?
A. The ​early bird prices are only available for a limited time. After that, the price goes back to normal. 

Q. Is this program really worth it?
A. How long have you been trying to lose weight? Have other programs been successful for you? This program never expires, you can come and go with the materials as you please. You'll always have access to the Facebook group for support. Isn't it time you did something for yourself? 

Q. Is this for men too? 
A. Sure it is. There are a lot of women in this program, but it covers you guys too, and works great!  ​


Sign up below and be the first to know!

Join the VIP list and grab a FREE low carb cheatsheet - what to eat, what to avoid, how to make a low carb meal. Yours immediately! 

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