What I Do

I help YOU, if you’re frustrated and struggling to get answers about your health, to find the underlying cause of what’s going on so you can actually do something about it and don’t have to just live with it.
I help YOU, if you lose weight and always find it again, to achieve fast fat loss without feeling hungry or counting anything, even if you’ve tried all the diets before, by showing you how it can be easy.
I help YOU, if you’re in pain, with the amazing bodywork technique Bowen Therapy. Whether it’s back pain, a niggling neck, shoulder injury, a knee that doesn’t bend or a foot that’s no longer walking with you, try this technique for lasting pain relief, starting now.
I help YOU, who has a belly that’s always in a bad mood (bloating, pain, constipation, diarrhoea, gut problems, food intolerances) to find your quiet, flat belly again, get those bowels moving like a bullet from machine gut, with my gut programs designed to take you from gut grief to relief.
I help YOU, if you want to know what your genes have in store for you when you get older, or how your genes are affecting your current health, using a state of the art genetic test that provides you with a report describing how you can turn your genes on and off using nutrition, lifestyle changes, and supplements. Don’t end up with the same problems as your parents.
I help YOU, if you want someone to help you find answers to your health or how to find your way in life, with private coaching where we take a deep dive into your health and/or your life. We make a plan and I guide you through the process over 3, 6 or 12 months, to achieve your best health and happiest life.

My Philosophy

I aim to restore health, not just treat the symptoms by putting a bandaid on that makes you think you feel better.

Together we’ll investigate and resolve the underlying cause of your health concerns, whether that may be an illness or difficulty losing weight.

I take a preventative approach, meaning I’ll teach you how to manage your own health in simple, achievable ways. I can also look at your genes and how they are affecting your health and the way you are ageing.

This is very individualised health care, it’s all about YOU.

My Methods

I like to get to know you. We’ll talk about your health history, how your past is affecting your health now, and how it will affect you in the future.

I use some functional testing, if it gives us a clear way of identifying what the problem is for you, or to guide your treatment. This might include blood tests, hair testing, genetic testing (cheek swab), or in clinic tests.

I will recommend a treatment plan for you and guide you through that plan. Treatment plans might include online programs, prescriptions, guided coaching or consultations, or referrals to other practitioners where necessary.

My Goals

My goal is for you to enjoy the best health possible, which means being able to play with your children or grandchildren, to enjoy and cope with your work, to feel energised and motivated, and to love your life.

Fast fat loss

Want to lose weight fast, without feeling hungry or counting anything?

belly in a bad mood?

Got gut grief and desperately need some relief?

need some of me?

Bowen Therapy for pain relief

Group coaching for healthy eating, weight loss, or resetting your life

1:1 coaching in nutrition, health, or life

Genetic testing for health or weight loss

Private consultations

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