Day 11’s breakfast almost came back to haunt me!

It’s cooler today, so I struggled to keep the coconut oil liquid. I warmed it and the honey first to blend them, then added some water and the amino acid powder. Almost immediately the coconut oil started to solidify. I got the first half glass down, but about 5 minutes later when I went to drink the second glass, it was a semi-solid lump on top of the liquid in the glass.

So, I warmed it again (and was running late for work at this stage), and attempted to finish the remainder. Well… if it wasn’t bad enough to start with, this stuff warm is even worse! I was gagging and my stomach was trying VERY hard to send it back to where it came from… but I was determined not to throw up because if I did… I’d have to make another drink and drink it all again! I won 🙂

I know I mentioned it yesterday, but MY STOMACH IS SO FLAT. This gives me such great confidence that the treatment has been effective. I know it’s partly due to not actually eating any food either, but it’s also partly due to the bacteria being eliminated. I feel so relieved. Only 6 more days.

When I was grocery shopping today, I actually bought myself some ‘real food’. It was nothing but some chicken breast and thigh, celery and spring onions to make broth with, but it is real food. My plan is to make some broth on Tuesday, ready for my first ‘meal’ on (hopefully) Thursday, when I receive the test results.

I have zero sugar cravings at all. My partner apologised to me a couple of nights ago for eating dessert in front of me, but it was only his salad that I craved, not the dessert at all! I see photos of the most delicious healthy food and so want to eat that… but the sugary stuff I can easily pass on without a second thought. You’ve gotta love detox!

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