I’m feeling a bit better about the bloating and stomach noises from yesterday afternoon. It’s most likely just the effect of the lactulose, which is the substance in the drink that you take during the breath test. It continued a little this morning and was mostly settled by this afternoon.

I’m so close I can almost feel it. It think that motivation got me through breakfast ok this morning. I was actually hungry around 3pm, but I was at work and couldn’t do anything about it.. so I just waited until dinner.

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful. I made some broth to eat after I get my clear test result, and I’ll continue to make broth for a while yet as it’s such a gut healing food. I did make it FODMAP friendly – I’m not prepared to push the food situation too far just yet! I’m still trying to decide what my first ‘meal’ will be… I’m craving vegetables so much!

I’m also going out for dinner on day 18 and away for the weekend right after that… so I’m going to have to put some time in to think about and prepare some food that’s going to be suitable for me.

One more day!

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