Oh boy… breakfast again. I almost couldn’t do it all… I was convinced the last couple of mouthfuls were going to come straight back up. It’s such a relief when it’s over.

As I struggled to get breakfast down again, I thought about my decision to follow this elemental diet. I thought I could do it. In fact, I was quite sure I could do it. I’ve swallowed some pretty disgusting tasting drinks and medications before, for various reasons. Some that I’ve had to hold my nose and shoot the glass, then smother the taste with something else. But even during those times, I could still actually eat. Now that I’m on the 6th day into this, I actually wonder if I could do it, if it weren’t for the saving grace of actually eating something for dinner, which means an adaptation of the drink to make it so much better. Kudos to anyone and everyone who has done the full two weeks with just the drink.

It was a late breakfast again, so no need for lunch. I haven’t lost any weight over the 6 days, so it would appear that I’m getting enough calories/kj.

Dinner was steak, followed by the coconut oil, honey and water drink again. It’s almost, kind of, maybe a bit like having dessert! And, as I said before, the saving grace of the day.

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